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Looking to turn the areas where you live or work into intriguing pieces of art? Are you looking for a trustworthy exterior and interior painter with 20 years of experience? Look nowhere else! Welcome to Branston's Techniques, where outstanding results are combined with unmatched knowledge and applied to projects throughout Boise, ID.

Available Services

Exterior and Interior Painting

Exterior and Interior Painting
Increase the curb appeal of your property with our skilled exterior wall painting and interior repainting. Your house or business building will be given new life by our talented team, who will use premium products and exacting processes to produce a long-lasting, weather-resistant finish that withstands the elements.

New Construction Painting

New Construction Painting
Trust our new construction painting for the perfect finishing touch! As your new development nears completion, our skilled painters have expertise working on new construction and give accuracy and efficiency to realize your vision. We promise a spotless and vivid finish from walls to ceilings, bringing out the best in your house.


With the help of our skilled repainting services, rejuvenate and renew your area. Our talented crew will give your interiors and exteriors new life, whether it is by painting over aging walls or altogether changing the color palette. With careful planning and top-quality paints, we guarantee an exceptional finish that is faultless and long-lasting.

Baseboard Trimming

Baseboard Trimming
With the help of our expert baseboard trimming service, your room will seem more stylish and elegant. Our expert artisans pay close attention to every last detail to guarantee a smooth installation and perfect baseboard alignment. Polished surfaces will elevate your home design and give your walls and floors the ideal finishing touch.

Staining Services

Staining Services
Utilize our professional staining service to bring out the inherent beauty of wood. Our talented crew applies rich and glossy stains that highlight the grain and preserve the integrity of the wood to everything from hardwood floors to furniture and cabinets. You can count on us to turn your wooden and other surfaces into classic pieces that exude charm and warmth.

Concrete Coating and Fog Coating

Concrete Coating and Fog Coating
Utilize our top-notch coating solutions to revitalize your concrete surfaces. Your concrete construction’s lifespan will be increased by the tough coatings that concrete professionals install to shield against wear, stains, and environmental damage. Additionally, our anti-fog coating treatment works wonders on a wide range of surfaces.


Uplift Your Property

Elevate and benefit your property with exceptional painting service. Spaces that have just been painted professionally improve in appearance, foster a happy atmosphere and increase property value. Painting is an essential investment in raising both aesthetics and property value since protective coatings insulate surfaces from deterioration and provide long-lasting attractiveness.

Choose Our Specialists for Exceptional Work

Use our firm for a flawless painting experience! Residential and commercial areas are transformed into spectacular pieces of art by our qualified, insured crew. We elevate aesthetics and property value with an emphasis on accuracy, client happiness, and long-lasting results, making us a great choice for all of your painting needs.

Delivering Top-Tier Painting Wherever You Need

Our services cover every canvas, no matter where it is. We travel through various areas, providing customers with unflinching attention, adding color and charm to every room, and leaving a mark of quality in every place we go. Our services are available in all the following places:

  • Garden, ID
  • Star, ID
  • Middleton, ID
  • Hidden Springs, ID
  • Robie Creek, ID

Put your faith in Branston's Techniques and our expertise, commitment, and enthusiasm for converting places into works of art. Whether it is a living room wall painting service or a baseboard trimming, our experts are ready to leave your property looking amazing! To leave a lasting imprint on your property for years to come, experience the craftsmanship of our services in Boise, ID and see how we bring your idea to life. Contact us today!

Client Testimonials

by Janet Larson on Branston's Techniques
My Building Looks Amazing

Fantastic work! Their new construction painting service was impressive! They did a fabulous job on my building, and I couldn't be more in love with my new home. Thank you for completing my dream!

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